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Why You're Not Happy

Do you dare to love each moment as if it were your last?

Does your heart fill with tears every time you awakened to live a new day?

Does your heart drop to its knees at every sunset, every song?

No grand activities are required to express your reverence for every moment. In fact, it may be the simple and the mundane – imbued with a sense of awe and wonder – that fills your life with joy.

If good things come to you, and your life is filled with blessings, then savour every moment – and do not overlook the joy of simply being alive.

Nothing is guaranteed. Every relationship, every experience, every success is an offering from life. But life itself is the greatest offering!


Taste it, love it, honor it – for it could be taken away in a flash.

Do not lose yourself in plans for the future without first falling in love with this moment – right Now.

This moment – life itself – contains within it the deepest fulfillment you could wish for. And all it requires is for you to fall in love with it.

Discover the infinite depth in gratitude – gratitude for life itself – and you will always be happy. Happiness will hunt you down and invade you. It will break into every cell and never leave you.

Never stop loving. Love for a reason, for sure. And love without a reason too. And say thank you for everything – even when it looks crazy.

If you're not happy it's because you forgot that to be alive is the greatest gift. If you're not happy it's because you forgot to feel eternally grateful for every breath. If you're not happy it's because you forgot to fall in love with life itself.

You have the power to live a life of undying joy. Start now by saying thank you – with humility and devotion – say thank you for simply being alive. And then see if there's anything you need to simply be happy …



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